Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Card Idea

Hi Sitisifir10

Claire here. Welcome to another issue of the Making Handmade Cards eNewsletter!
I hope you have been enjoying the free Floral Doodle eKit and eBook?

And did you manage to watch the free heat embossing and 30th birthday card video tutorials?
I hope so! If not, don't forget there are transcripts and snapshots below each video.
Well I've another surprise for you today...

It's a gallery of card ideas - all on video!

You're also getting step-by-step instructions for making three gorgeous cards that you can make within minutes. :0)


1. Free Gallery Of Card Ideas
This video is fun, fun, fun!

Sometimes you just want to send a card to let your family and friends know that you love them. 

I designed a fun printable ekit called the 'Sweetie Pie Mini eKit for Friends & Familya while ago.
And it's perfect for making a lovely card for close friends and family. 

And to give you inspiration, I've put a fun little video together that gives you
lots of card ideas, using the eKit.

To watch the video, visit the page below and scroll down to the video:

Go check it out - the card ideas are really bright and fun!
3. Step-By-Step Card Making Instructions

Fancy some more inspiration?
Here are 3 free, step-by-step card making instructions for you! :0)
That's right. Three! And let me tell you, it's no easy task putting these together. Getting a page done from 'design idea' to final coding takes aaaages so I really hope you like these3 new card making instructions. :0)
All three card ideas use the printable sheets from the Sweetie Pie 'Friends & Family' eKit.
Card Idea #1
Here's an ultra-cute card design that little girls would adore!
Card Idea #2
Here's a bright and happy card design that's bound to put a smile on the recipient's face!

Card Idea #3
This one's really versatile and
can be sent to any close friend or
relative, male or female...

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