Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cannonball : Bunganya Cantik Tp Jgn Sampai Buah Jatuh Atas Kepala

South America has to be the region with the weirdest kind of trees. I mean just take a look at this crazy colored eucalyptus tree or this infected grape tree, both found in Brazil. Now they have discovered the Cannonball Tree with a lot of fruit that look like a cannonball, hence the name. They can remind of coconuts because they fall unpredictable from the tree and crack open.
cannonball tree 3
This tree can have up to 300 fruits that can be 24 cm in diameter so I don’t think you want to get one of those on your head. It can be so dangerous that the trees have signs saying: “Watch out for falling cannonballs.” They do not only grow in South America; recently they have been found in India, and they are also planted in botanical gardens around the world.
cannonball tree 2
cannonball tree 1
cannonball tree 4
cannonball tree 5
cannonball tree 6
cannonball tree 7
cannonball tree 8


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